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Geography of the Country of Belize - World Atlas

Geology of the Country of Belize - World Atlas Populace: 314,522 (July 2010 estimate)Capital: BelmopanBordering Countries: Guatemala and MexicoLand Area: 8,867 square miles (22,966 sq km)Coastline: 320 miles (516 km)Highest Point: Doyles Delight at 3,805 feet (1,160 m)Belize is a nation situated in Central America and it is flanked toward the north by Mexico, toward the south and west by Guatemala and toward the east by the Caribbean Sea. It is a differing nation with different societies and dialects. Belize additionally has the least populace thickness in Central America with 35 individuals for every square mile or 14 individuals for each square kilometer. Belize is likewise known for its extraordinary biodiversity and particular ecosystems.History of BelizeThe first individuals to create Belize were the Maya around 1500 B.C.E. As appeared in archeological records, they built up various settlements there. These incorporate Caracol, Lamanai and Lubaantun. The primary European contact with Belize happened in 1502 when Christopher Columbus arrived at the zones coast. In 1638, the primary European settlement was set up by England and for a long time, a lot increasingly English settlements were set up. In 1840, Belize turned into a Colony of British Honduras and in 1862, it turned into a crown state. For one hundred years from that point onward, Belize was an agent administration of England yet in January 1964, full self government with a clerical framework was conceded. In 1973, the areas name was changed from British Honduras to Belize and on September 21, 1981, full autonomy was achieved.Government of BelizeToday, Belize is a parliamentary majority rule government inside the British Commonwealth. It has an official branch filled by Queen Elizabeth II as head of state and a nearby head of government. Belize additionally has a bicameral National Assembly that is comprised of the Senate and the House of Representatives. The Senate individuals are chosen by arrangement while the individuals from the House of Representatives are chosen by direct mainstream casts a ballot at regular intervals. Belizes legal branch is included the Summary Jurisdiction Courts, District Courts, the Supre me Court, Court of Appeal, the Privy Council in the U.K. also, the Caribbean Court of Justice. Belize is partitioned into six regions (Belize, Cayo, Corozal, Orange Walk, Stann Creek and Toledo) for neighborhood administration.Economics and Land Use in BelizeTourism is the biggest global income generator in Belize as its economy is little and comprises predominantly of little private endeavors. Belize sends out some horticultural items however - the biggest of these incorporate bananas, cacao, citrus, sugar, fish, refined shrimp and timber. The fundamental businesses in Belize are piece of clothing creation, food preparing, the travel industry, development and oil. The travel industry is enormous in Belize since it is a tropical, basically lacking territory with plentiful diversion and Mayan chronicled locales. What's more, ecotourism is expanding in the nation today.Geography, Climate and Biodiversity of BelizeBelize is a generally little nation with essentially level territory. On the coast it has a damp beach front plain that is overwhe lmed by mangrove swamps and in the south and the inside there are slopes and low mountains. The majority of Belize is lacking and is forested with hardwoods. Belize is a section if the Mesoamerican biodiversity hotspot and it has numerous wildernesses, untamed life saves, an enormous wide range of types of vegetation and the biggest cavern framework in Central America. A few types of Belize incorporate the dark orchid, the mahogany tree, the toucan and tapirs.The atmosphere of Belize is tropical and is in this manner extremely hot and moist. It has a blustery season which endures from May to November and a dry season enduring from February to May.More Facts about Belize is the main nation in Central America where English is the official language Regional dialects of Belize are Kriol, Spanish, Garifuna, Maya and Plautdietsch Belize has one of the most reduced populace densities on the planet The primary religions in Belize are Roman Catholic, Anglican, Methodist, Mennonite, other Protestant, Muslim, Hindu and BuddhistTo get familiar with Belize, visit the Belize area in Geog raphy and Maps on this site. ReferencesCentral Intelligence Agency. (27 May 2010). CIA - The World Factbook - Belize. Recovered from: (n.d.). Belize: History, Geography, Government, and Recovered from: States Department of State. (9 April 2010). Belize. Recovered from: (30 June 2010). Belize - Wikipedia, the Free Encyclopedia. Recovered from:

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Diy Market in China Free Essays

string(190) Coca Cola had gigantic issues when they originally entered the Chinese Market, their image name meant â€Å"kooke koula† which thusly meant â€Å"A parched piece of light wax†. | Sector-Specific Considerations for EU Businesses considering entering the DIY Market in China. | As Deng Xiaoping once said â€Å"Cross the stream by feeling the stones†. This adage is extremely significant for the DIY showcase in China since you are stringing down a street into the obscure. We will compose a custom article test on Diy Market in China or then again any comparable subject just for you Request Now In 2004 the Chinese DIY and home improvement showcase arrived at an unsurpassed high of RMB 195 Billion and has been exhausting from that point forward. DIY stores are continually losing prevalence inside the market . The market request right now is for â€Å"soft decoration†, with the provincial family’s moving to the quickly developing urban areas to achieve business, there is an interest for moveable design on the off chance that they need to re-find once more. The more youthful age are likewise driving the market for multifunctional, minimal effort furniture, for example, DIY kitchens and washrooms; this is because of the way of life of the Chinese families with the kitchen and restroom being the most close to home region in their homes. (Allience, 2007) A significant contender and danger to the DIY organizations previously settled in China are the developing number of littler contractual workers, as their insight into DIY is improving with the market patterns. A high level of new homes being purchased are in effect left incomplete and require a significant interest in home improvement, this is the place they simply choose to recruit a littler temporary worker to do the tedious work as opposed to doing it without anyone's help subsequently the organizations are missing out on the benefit, however with China’s property costs rising it is totally conceivable that the Chinese buyer will just be pushed toward DIY as a less expensive choice. In any case, what will happen when Chinas sees a fall in development and property? Will the DIY organizations endure? This can be interpreted as a significant monetary danger to new European organizations going into China. Allience, 2007) Who are the significant contenders? There isn't one however numerous previously settled contenders inside the Chinese DIY advertise. BQ is the significant contender with it being the biggest Western DIY retailer in the nation. BQ opened its first store in China in 19 99 and has kept on building up solid brand mindfulness. As The Guardian detailed, the nearby culture didn't fit with the DIY rehearses that BQ previously had and in this manner BQ needed to adjust their once fruitful European configuration to a Chinese one, thus making it a CIY (make it yourself) methodology. Tran, 2007) Another contender for an EU DIY business to go facing is a settled Chinese DIY organization called Orient Homes. Situate Homes was established in 1999 in Beijing. It gets its stock from neighborhood makers subsequently bringing down the expense of the merchandise for customer, along these lines making it an enormous danger financially as well as on the grounds that it is so entrenched inside its home market. It has become obvious in as indicated by the China National Interior Decoration Association there is a gauge of in excess of 40,000 enlisted organizations occupied with home improvement in China alone. (Obscure, 2009) The market is so thickly populated that an EU organization attempting to enter the market will have some significant battle. Joint Venture or Wholly Foreign Owned Enterprise (WFOE)? Numerous organizations entering china need to pose themselves this extremely troublesome inquiry, it’s a troublesome choice to make as there are numerous points of interest and hindrances to both. Going into a WFOE I accept is much harder than a Joint Venture, on the grounds that with no Chinese accomplice they are left to move toward their picked advertise alone. It’s additionally hard for the organization to â€Å"create a business opportunity for their picked items, particularly when there’re effectively nearby contenders. In some cases even with a nearby deals and advertising group it can take a very long time to have a name on the Chinese Market† (Bergonovo, 2011) . The way of life of the market can be differing and for a WFOE it very well may be hard to see alone. There are favorable circumstances just as inconveniences, â€Å"unlike in JVs where there’re various perspectives on the grounds that the various accomplices and the arrangements and bargains are the main key to keep the business alive. Particularly for little medium business it is vastly improved to have a WFOE, so as to abstain from stalling out in social contrasts with a neighborhood accomplice. So if you’re an independent venture possibly with sole possession in your mom organization that has a reasonable system for the Chinese market and can manage the cost of long haul speculation WFOE is the correct decision. † (Bergonovo, 2011) Joint Ventures a be exceptionally effective in certain examples, since you will have the benefit of having a socially and phonetically adjust accomplice, however â€Å"it’s urgent for remote financial specialists to comprehend the motivations behind the joint endeavor and climate their Chinese Partner is equipped for satisf ying them. The famous Chinese maxim â€Å"same bed, distinctive dreams† has become the bombed joint endeavors mantra† (Ireland, 2012) Trust is the significant issue in this endeavor. My contemplations for a DIY organization would be a Joint Venture on the grounds that the organization will have a more grounded comprehension of the market and I accept this is urgent for an effective move to the Chinese market. Are there boundaries for new contestants? â€Å"The key contrast between local promoting and advertising on a universal scale is the multi-dimensionality and multifaceted nature of the numerous remote nation showcases an organization may work in. A worldwide administrator needs an information and attention to these complexities and their suggestions they have for† (Doole Lowe, 2001, p. 9)the organization and the market they are entering. I will utilize the SLEPT (Social, Legal, Economical, Political and Technological) technique to decide the different patterns and condition for an European DIY organization endeavoring to enter the Chinese DIY showcase. Social, Cultural issues and contrasts can truly negatively affect another youthful organization entering a nation where religion and material culture assume a significant job. The language would have the most noteworthy job and effect on play in transit the items and administrations many be seen to the new customers. Coca Cola had gigantic issues when they originally entered the Chinese Market, their image name meant â€Å"kooke koula† which thusly meant â€Å"A parched piece of light wax†. You read Diy Market in China in classification Paper models Now with their new interpretation it implies â€Å"joyful tastes and happiness†, botches must be made by one significant organization for another to gain from their slip-ups. Throughout the following 20 years more individuals will move to China’s urban areas for more lucrative employments. These working buyers, once the country’s least fortunate, will consistently ascend the pay stepping stool, making an other and enormous white collar class. † (Farrell, Ulrich A. , Stephenson, 2006) This general public has battled to grapple with the expression â€Å"do it yourself† in light of the fact that they are not taught in the home redesign zone. It likewise is by all accounts radiating the observation that you are laborer like on the off chance that you do it without anyone else's help. It’s about societal position right now n China, in the event that you are seen doing physical work that you can in this manner employ somebody to do then you are viewed as a penny pincher. â€Å"In late years China has become the world’s number one nation as far as drawing in outside ventures. As the second-quickest developing economy of the world it pulled in USD 74. 6 billion of remote direct interest in 2007. With a present situation as the world’s fourth-biggest economy (in ostensible GDP), and a normal yearly development of over 8% throughout the previous 30 years, tr uth be told, not very many different nations on the planet can coordinate the business openings present in China today. (Obscure, General Considerations before Entering the Chinese Market) In request for an EU DIY organization to prevail in the market they should know about what heading the particular market they need to enter is growing monetarily so as to make a balanced appraisal on whether it would be monetarily feasible to enter and contend with firms previously settled in the market, for example, BQ and Home Depot. (Doole Lowe, 2001) The organization may likewise confront some drawn out difficulties with the quick improvement it could put a strain on assets, for example, the foundation and the movement rates inside the nation. There are additionally some engaging political changes that have occurred in China that any universal organization would be satisfied about. The change and opening up approach has been a significant lift to the Chinese economy and political framework. These changes strategies were set up somewhere in the range of 1979 and 1984 and it was planned for improving Chinese relations with neighboring nations. In spite of the achievement of this open entryway arrangement numerous organizations have been confronted with troublesome impediments comparable to proprietorship rights and protected innovation. It was discharged for this present year that the CCP would diminish charges for outside organizations entering China by half as they trusted it would pulled in increasingly remote interest in China. (Davies, 2012) â€Å"â€Å"The greater picture is that as a result of the monetary circumstance all inclusive over the recent years, China sees the need to make a more amicable condition for remote investors,† said Khoon Ming Ho of KPMG China. † (Davies, 2012) This is a significant open door for EU based organizations to enter the market at decreased expense rates. â€Å"Legal frameworks shift both in substance and understanding. An organization isn't simply limited by the laws of its nation of origin yet in addition by those of its host countryâ

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Learning and Motivation by Edward Chace Tolman Essay Example for Free

Learning and Motivation by Edward Chace Tolman Essay Specialists in brain research have various definitions, on occasion combative, of both inspiration and learning just as indistinguishable clarification of how the two relate to one another. In this field of instructive brain research, there have been a few introspections into how an individual is headed to find out about new things. The drive behind each mission to pick up information on another marvel has been credited to inspiration. Inspiration can basically be characterized as an inward circumstance or condition, frequently depicted like a need longing or wish, which go about as impetus to get under way some activity and give it a course. Researchers in inspiration accept that this boost assumes a focal job in learning given the way that to pick up information on a thing or wonder can't occur without anyone else however requires a sort of motivating force (Benjamin, 2007). The purpose of difference between therapists rotates around the issue if inspiration is head or lesser player in deciding and molding how people behave. Edward Tolman is worshipped for his various and significant contributions to the brain science discipline.â He is credited for conceptualizing an intellectual speculation of knowledge, his specialized topic. Tolman hypothesizes that learning is bit by bit heaps of associate and the mental aftereffect of observation and dissuading reference to the encompassing and manners by which people make a sensible or causal association. It appears to restrict prior scholars who consider intelligence as a somber activity result affiliation. He attests that people take part in a covered sort of learning all the time as they approach their obligations and that genuine learning is accomplished in the midst of need. He further says that an aim urges an individual pending an alteration of an internal condition and before that happen, an individual carry on to act comparatively (Benjamin, 2007). This data can be applied to schools and professional preparing to spur students to be increasingly genuine in their examinations. A plan of remunerations and censure can be set up in school educational program with the end goal that a fantastic presentation by students is perceived and regarded while a terrible yield is avoided. This can likewise be reached out to different partners of the school. The end impact would be that individuals will undoubtedly make the right decision and amazingly on the grounds that their endeavors are compensated. The inverse is likewise evident. Reference Benjamin T. L. (2007). A concise history of current brain research: Blackwell brief chronicles of Brain science. New York: Wiley-Blackwell.

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Undergraduate Research in Business

Undergraduate Research in Business by: Naomi Nishihara on July 15, 2014 | 1 Comment Comments 2,341 Views July 15, 2014For a business major whose time in college is spent preparing for 100-hour work weeks, internships at a company may seem of paramount importance. However, there are other ways to gain the skills necessary for an intense professional life.Universities are incubators for research, and through opportunities for undergraduate participation are typically for students in STEM fields, assistantships in cutting-edge business research are something students in the social sciences should explore.Rahul Desai student researcher at Georgetown’s McDonough School of BusinessRahul Desai, a rising sophomore at Georgetown University’s McDonough School of Business, has been working on a research project this summer while benefitting from a professor’s mentorship.According to Desai, the research can be as hands on or hands off for a professor as he or she or th e student wants. â€Å"This is my own personal research project that I convinced a professor to sign up to mentor me for,† he said. â€Å"There are students who sign on for a professor’s research project, but normally funding occurs when a student has a research idea in mind.†To apply for research funding, students have to come up with their own timelines, set out all their deadlines in advance, and have a letter of support from a faculty mentor. Additionally, students should spell out what the purpose of their research is and what they hope to accomplish.Desai is building a data analytics engine in order to predict whether a given startup will succeed or not. He said the research has actually evolved into his own startup, and he is working with Dr. Betsy Sigman, who advises students majoring in Operations and Information Management.â€Å"Her expertise is in databases, so we decided, what can we do with startup data?† Desai said. â€Å"How can investors and entrepreneurs succeed more often than they do? So we’ve been aggregating data, and actually, we are approaching one million data points, spanning 5,000 companies. It’s a start.†At the moment, he is collecting data from a variety of companies some that have been acquired, some that have failed and he said most of his days are consumed with just trying to find stuff. His data collection deadline is currently set for early July, after which he hopes to partner with a software company in Portland, Oregon, which runs machine learning predictive frameworks for data like his.â€Å"It’s nice to have the resources of a great university like Georgetown. And that’s something that I wouldn’t have if I hadn’t decided to do a research project. Now I can tap into the collective knowledge base of all the professors over the summer, get resources from the administrators, and anything else that I might need. While a student who hadn’t gott en the research funding or been accepted to the fellowship would probably not have the same amount of resources,† Desai said.He also said that he had an internship in financial advisory last summer and appreciates being able to work on his own schedule now.â€Å"With the research, I not only get funded, but I get to work on my own schedule, make my own milestone deadlines as I see fit, and adjust as I want to. And that makes a lot of sense, especially when you’re doing something that’s on the cutting edge. A lot of the researchers I’ve seen are doing things that really haven’t been done before, and the ability to be your own boss is really, really helpful, when you, say, run into a roadblock or a wall,† Desai said.He also pointed out that research is hard and can often be a double-edged sword.â€Å"While you try and discover something new, there’s always a chance that you won’t discover anything at all,† he said. â€Å"I f I have success with my research though, it’s definitely going to flow into my startup, because my startup is actually a data analytics firm. Being able to harness the prediction engine that we’re trying to build would be amazing.† Page 1 of 41234 »

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Thrill Seeking and Revenge as Few Predictors of Violence Free Essay Example, 1250 words

The article "A Social Neuroscience Perspective on Adolescent Risk-Taking" by Steinberg proposes a framework for theory and research on risk-taking that is informed by developmental neuroscience. Two fundamental questions motivate this review. First, why does risk-taking increase between childhood and adolescence? Second, why does risk-taking decline between adolescence and adulthood? Risk-taking increases between childhood and adolescence as a result of changes around the time of puberty in the brain s socio-emotional system leading to increased reward-seeking, especially in the presence of peers, fueled mainly by a dramatic remodeling of the brain s dopaminergic system. Risk-taking declines between adolescence and adulthood because of changes in the brain s cognitive control system changes which improve individuals capacity for self-regulation. These changes occur across adolescence and young adulthood and are seen in structural and functional changes within the prefrontal cortex and its connections to other brain regions. The differing timetables of these changes make mid-adolescence a time of heightened vulnerability to risky and reckless behavior. Greene, K., Krcmar, M. (2005). Predicting exposure to and liking of media violence: a uses and gratifications approach. Communication Studies, 56 (1): 71-93AbstractUse of violent media content by adolescents has long been a matter of public concern and debate, a concern that was heightened by the reported use of violent computer games and websites by the killers at Columbine High School in 1999.We will write a custom essay sample on Thrill Seeking and Revenge as Few Predictors of Violence or any topic specifically for you Only $17.96 $11.86/pageorder now This study examined predictors of various types of self-reported use of violent media content by 8th graders (N = 3,127) from 20 schools around the U. S. Hierarchical regression analyses indicated that gender, sensation seeking, aggression, and frequency of Internet use had relatively strong contributions to explaining the use of violent media content composite and the measure of violent website content use. Alienation variables contributed significantly, though modestly, to the variance explained in the use of violence-oriented websites, but not to the composite measure.

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Nutrition and Health as a Dietian - 582 Words

I became fascinated by the connections between nutrition and health at the age of sixteen. My family has a history of high blood pressure, diabetes and sickle cell. I was diagnosed with sickle cell anaemia at a young age and spent periods of my childhood in and out of hospital. During my most serious sickle cell crisis, I met a dietitian who explained to me the connection between my diet and my disease. She changed my perspective on eating for the better, which sparked my ambition to aim for a career in Dietetics and Nutrition within the NHS, so that I can replicate this experience for others. My A-level subject choices have provided the academic foundations that will allow me to access this career. In Biology, I enjoyed developing my knowledge about the significant role nutrition plays in keeping our bodies healthy. The link between Psychology and my chosen degree is clear; as diet has a psychological impact on individuals and vice versa, as seen mostly in eating disorders. Sociology has enlightened me with the knowledge that the demographic of an individual, such as their social class, has an impact on their health regime. Studying Chemistry at AS-level has enabled me to gain proficient laboratory skills, which I am eager to develop. These subjects have given me the opportunity to develop my written communication and evaluation skills, which I am excited to put to use during undergraduate studies. Taking a proactive role in broadening my knowledge, I prepared anShow MoreRelatedWhat I Learned About Food Marketing856 Words   |  4 Pagesthe very bottom of the list. That was a wake-up call for me. I realized, the choices we make each time we put food in our mouths impact our daily quality of life and have a profound effect on our long-term health. I wanted to be part of the solution, and thus my journey in dietetics and nutrition began. As a teen, I worked in a scratch kitchen, where I had the unique opportunity to learn the essentials of cooking without using processed ingredients. I learned about food marketing during my work withRead MoreExternal and Personal Factors Affecting Development - Lo2 - 3.3 Level 3 Diploma3370 Words   |  14 Pagesattention span, poor coordination and failure to thrive. Each child with Foetal Alcohol Syndrome is different and I would need to be patient and sensitive in my approach to care, I would need to attend relevant training and also work closely with health care professionals, Social workers and teachers. I would also need to be very aware of the difference between chronological age and mental age when choosing activities and organizing routines and boundaries. Premature Birth Personal Factors

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Entrepreneurship Dedication and Competitive

Queston: Discuss about theEntrepreneurship for Dedication and Competitive. Answer: Introduction Entrepreneurship is referred to as the ability to create and controlling any business initiative of its own, which include the objective of making a profit. To become a successful entrepreneur an individual should have some common features which include confidence, determination, creativity, passion, dedication, competitive, flexibility and discipline (Eckhardt and Shane, 2013, pp.160). It is an essential factor for any country to cope up the pace with aspirants, in the long run of the global market competition. For being a successful entrepreneur and run any new business smoothly, it is further essential to have funding support, and ability to make effective decisions (Shepherd, 2015, pp.489). A successful entrepreneur should always try to learn from the failures of others and do those things rightly to avoid any further mistakes. A successful entrepreneur should have the capability and courage to take risk for a new business venture. Though the risk taken may succeed or fail, but t his should not change the determination of entrepreneur (Bridge and O'Neill, 2012). Scope of the Report The present discussion about an entrepreneur makes us remind about a very renowned female entrepreneur named Jodie Fox. She is the co-founder and chief creative officer of Shoes of Prey, a footwear company from Australia. She started Shoes of Prey in the year 2009 along with her friends Michael Fox (Co-founder and co-chief executive officer of Shoes of Prey) and Mike Knapp (Co-founder and co-chief executive officer of Shoes of Prey). Being a student of advertisement and law, Jodie, later on, decided to be an entrepreneur and opened her shoe company. Jodie has a great sense of style, and she uses this style statement to her passion by creating fashionable and trendy heels for women worldwide (Feagins, 2014). History of Jodie Fox As discussed Jodie Fox comes from a background of law and advertising. But she decided to move out of her field her do something new according to her passion. Being in the area of advertisement and law, Jodie possesses an outstanding communication skill which Jodie uses in her enterprise. Besides having a great communication skill, she has a good sense of style, and this can be seen in the shoes of the brand. As an independent entrepreneur, she plays various roles which are (i) product development which includes technological implementation in latest design (ii) public relation to frame accurate relationship between clients and merchandised corporate (iii) promoting the brand at global level by virtue of her personality, networking and communication skill (Schwerdt, 2015). She has been awarded many times for her brilliant performance towards her brand (Shoes of Prey). In the year 2014, she received the award for best entrepreneurs among Australian retailers and that her success trail also results in fetching top Australian female entrepreneur award in 2015. Her success as an entrepreneur is reflective by her dream of becoming international business women since her young life stage. Her competency level and learning skills are attributed to her strong commitment towards developing a problem-solving approach and that her business is inspired by legacy to make better shoe shopping platform for women. The problem-solving approach in this success trail is attributed to the inclusion of latest product requirement by customers, using the latest technology, important pricing strategy, and focusing on RD for innovation in retailing style (Keskin, 2011). Above all, her business attitude and excellent communication style are responsible for her present success profile. According to her, there is always a scope of further improvement for any type of field particularly in an outfit like shoes. Role of Family and Friends Jodie started the business set up along her husband (Michael Fox) and a common friend (Mike Knapp). These three entrepreneurial friends were all set to establish a new company by leaving their respective careers and utilised all their resources for the new start up. Her family provided her full support and strength throughout her journey to become an entrepreneur and even her friend circle too supported and encouraged her credentials. In the initial stage of her life to become an entrepreneur, both her family as well as her husband supported her mentally and financially (Bishop, 2014). In the initial days, her relationship with her husband is unclear but eventually it turned out to be in dry condition. On the other hand, her personal life never affected her professional life by keeping her personal disturbance away (Smith, 2014, pp.219). Business Type and Competitive Advantage Jodie Fox along with her two co-founders Michael Fox and Mike Knapp dreamed of building an online retail business. Jodie was doing law, whereas her two pals were in Google. Her passion of becoming an international business woman and her friends idea of online gave birth to a footwear company - Shoe of Prey (Feagins, 2014). By trade, she is finance and banking lawyer and had also been in the field of the advertisement; but her passion was something else. Her vision to design heels for women worldwide and bring a change in the world of footwear. She was really particular about her shoes and designed her personal shoes. Her friends liked her collections and motivated to design shoes for them. All this encouraged and inspired her to follow her passion and dream of opening a footwear retail shop and becoming an independent entrepreneur (Bishop, 2014). Jodies idea of creating a footwear company helped her gain competitive advantage from another entrepreneur. Jodies company is one of the best and demanding womens footwear shops all over the world. Her designs were unique and remarkable, which attracts every womans eye. Her sense of style can be clearly seen in her shoes, which are very trendy and classy. For the satisfaction and demand of the customer, she believes in manufacturing custom-based-design and then shipping it to that particular customer (Feagins, 2014). Being a successful entrepreneur, she never compromised with the quality and quantity of her products. All these factors provide a competitive advantage over another entrepreneur (Leadership Expert, 2016). Future Prospective Apart from designing the footwear for women, Jodie should try some other women accessories which may include handbags, clothing, and make-up accessories (Smith, 2014, pp.219). She needs to use her creativity, innovation and styling sense in other products and not limits it only in footwear. Her customers will be benefited if they will be provided all the styling accessories under one roof, and apparently, this will help her to expand her business. Her creativity can also be used in some other home decor accessories, which can again attract her female customers (Short, Toffel and Hugill, 2014, pp.14). She has her retail store in US other than Australia; so she needs to open some new stores in other parts of the world to compete in the global market. Different Possibilities Required for her Business Development The above mentioned section details the business strategy and visionary rationale of Jodie which in turn is responsible for her success. In the present section, a futuristic analysis is presented based on the technological implementation, which are suitable for the current business form and is believed to be helpful in making progress as well as development of company in future system. Payroll system should be initiated in Jodies company for smooth transaction of her employees payment as it reduces the error in accounting. This will also be helpful in managing account, information transaction, and automated update to the routine work procedure. Another important prospect is related to data and information management that are valuable according to current practice of e-commerce. Since, her business is an online retail business, she should use cloud computing to manage the e-commerce and reduce the internet traffic. This will also offer smooth transaction of information and manages the information flow to customer, supplier, collaborators, and other external associates of the business (Figueiredo, Costa and Aparicio, 2012, pp.45). Managing accounting and routine operation is also critical for the whole business run. In order to handle the market research activity of the organisation, Jodie should adopt the ERP system to handle the business practice like controlling m anufacture, accounting, and managing orders. This ERP system will help her business by increasing functional efficiency and competitiveness (Figueiredo, Costa and Aparicio, 2012, pp.45). For the logistics management of her business, ICT (Information and communication Technologies) should be used. For any business (especially online business) which involves a delivery process by transporters and transport service providers, ICT is very much needed for them (Majchrzak, Markus and Wareham, 2016, pp.267). Conclusion Jodie Fox is a successful as well as a confident entrepreneur, who knows the right procedure to manage her business towards success. Indeed, apart from being the co-founder of an e-commerce company, she also shares a unique modish style which is a clear reflection in her shoes. Jodie is the inspiration for women all over the world to follow your passion and fulfilling it until success is achieved. For being a successful entrepreneur, she possesses all those traits like vision, creativity, correct intuition and impressing others. To work and develop new ideas and innovation, she prefers a creative, energetic, and an open-spaced environment. References: Bishop, J. C., 2014. ovet my coffee table: with Shoes of Prey co-founder Jodie Fox. Retrieved from Dated 04 Sep 2016. Bridge, S. and O'Neill, K., 2012. Understanding enterprise: entrepreneurship and small business. Palgrave Macmillan. Eckhardt, J.T. and Shane, S.A., 2013. Response to the commentaries: The individual-opportunity (IO) nexus integrates objective and subjective aspects of entrepreneurship. Academy of Management Review, 38(1), pp.160-163. Feagins, L, 2014. Jodie Fox of shoes of prey. Retrieved from Dated 04 Sep 2016. Figueiredo, R., Costa, C.J. and Aparicio, M., 2012, June. Information aggregation in an entrepreneurship portal. In Proceedings of the Workshop on Open Source and Design of Communication (pp. 45-50). ACM. Keskin, C., 2011. Cihan Keskin BUSP01 Business Plan Theoretical Reflections-Being an immigrant entrepreneur in Sweden. Retrieved from Dated 04 Sep 2016. Leadership Expert, 2016. Entrepreneur raises $15.5 million but investor more interested in commenting on her looks. Retrieved from Dated 04 Sep 2016. Majchrzak, A., Markus, M.L. and Wareham, J., 2016. Designing for Digital Transformation: Lessons for Information Systems Research from the Study of ICT and Societal Challenges. MIS Quarterly, 40(2), pp.267-277. 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